Things To Do In Life
  1. Go to every single country in the world.
  2. Do Interail
  3. Crazy week in Amsterdam
  4. Study in NY
  5. Live in Kenia
  6. Saltar en Paracaidas
  7. Tomar un cafe con Raquel
  8. Be an artist.
  9. Be known as an artist.
  10. a kiss
  11. Get a tatto
  12. Get a piercing in the tragus
  13. Adopt a child
  14. Plantar un arbol
  15. Get to a 36 size (or 38 at least)
  16. Have an exhibition of my work
  17. Have as much fan as i can
  18. Sleep naked
  19. Drive an old beatle (convertible).
  20. Kiss with sugar. Kiss with ice.
  21. Travel inside India.
  22. Learn Yoga.
  23. Learn Arabic, French & italian fluently.
  24. Get the train that goes arround Egypt.
  25. And the train from Damascus. 
  26. Live in a loft.
  27. Visit Nadia in Argentina.
  28. pintar un almendro de flores blancas
  29. be on wallpaper magazine some day ..
  30. buy an apartment with an amacing roof in Madrid
  31. share apartment/loft/flat in NY.
  32. go to studio54 in NY
  33. Gather in a roof like in here
  34. be on the sartorialist some day
  35. salir de fiesta y ver amanecer en un vi;edo
  36. amanecer desde una azotea
  37. be a coolhunter
  38. vender 1 cuadro
  39. get a taxi and say: follow that car!
  40. kiss a stranger
  41.  Nocheviaje con P.
  42. go to antartida
  43. live with indigenous people for a couple of weeks
  44. dance tango in argentina
  45. cultivar en mi propio jardin y poder comer de eso
  46. ceremony of tea in japan
  47. subir a una caravana en el sahara o viajar x el sahara
  48. Midnight margaritas
  49. voluntariado en verano
  50. vendimia (francia o espa;a)
  51. breakfast at tiffanys
  52. Experiment different types of love: platonic love, an impossible love, love some older, love someone younger, love with distance, crazy love…
  53. own a cool motorcycle
  54. official member / recognised member of AIGA and Art Directors Club